About Us - Ronin Consultant S.A.
The “WHO” is easy: We are a group of people united to work towards the same project. Specialized profesionals, experts, academics, and students. But we are not alone, we have built alliances with other operators who have proven their great competence during the years.

Who are we? What do we do? Here, at Ronin, we like to say we offer solutions, and in fact, we do. We have specialized in the service sector. The evolution of the different forms of production and the need to handle information and resources more efficiently, which are continuously scarce and less qualified, have generated a dynamics that is difficult to follow for those who do not evolve or do not get ahead of change. We mean to say to get ahead of change, because to adapt is not for those who are leaders.

Outsourcing has come to be the main tool for risk reduction, decision-making flexibility and profit maximization. The presence of operators such as Ronin enables your company to adapt to a world in agitation that generates everyday new opprtunities to grow and to do business.

Our services enable your company to do what you know best: to do that which you are known and recognized in society for. You must not let the market’s requirements and the need for competitiveness get you away from the activity that has always nourished your company.

Let us detect what your needs are or tell us yourself. At Ronin, we will make your projects feasible and we will take care of all those pending issues on your schedule that only you, from experience, know about. We will help you solve them before your clients or the competition make use of it.

Labor omnia vincit means that hard work can cope with anything. Although that is true, at Ronin we consider that nobody deserves to work more than is necessary let alone, useful.

So, let us do it for you.