Ronin Consultant S.A.

Our Services:

As a Consultancy and Services company, we yearn to offer solutions to our client’s problems and to satisfy our client’s needs. We champion decentralization, outsourcing, and specialization; that is the reason why we have developed different fields of work with the aim of empowering your efforts.

We understand that it is essential to have the best resources, qualified staff, and specialized professionals; however, in current times where we work without a break, being efficient is not enough.

We strive everyday to incorporate new technologies, to enhance our human resources, and to reach the furthest. We understand that growing in efficiency translates into improvements for our clients.

This prepares us for new challenges, for when we grow, challenges are greater. And in order to measure up to your standards, we not only walk abreast with your company, we also grow with you.

It is necessary to develop a corporate culture, filled with strategic alliances that meet your expectations. You know where you want to go. We want to help you reduce the gap that stands between your ideals and your reality.

We do not intend to tell you what to do.You already know that. We are here to tell you what you could have done, because time is too short. We are here to tell you what you are capable of. We are here to encourage you.

These are some of the services provided at Ronin:

Services - Ronin Consultant S.A.Architecture, Engeneering and Construction

Architecture, Engeneering and Construction - Services Ronin Consultant S.A.

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Services.

Projects and Specification Terms Design and Develpment.

Technical Advisory Services.

Structural Calculation, Testing, and Experimentation.

Information statements and Layouts.

Technical Direction. Construction Inspection. Plant Managing. Project Administration.

Services - Ronin Consultant S.A.Economy and Finance

Advisory services and financial management.

Engineering and Financial Management.

Data processing. Investigation and Market Reasearch.

Preparation of Indices and Surveys.

Projects Formulation and Evaluation.

Services - Ronin Consultant S.A.Corporate and Public Services

Corporate and Public Services - Ronin Consultant S.A.

Consultation, Direction and Managing Services for private companies and public entities.

Political Consulting. Couching & Management.

Staffing and Staff Training.

Communication of Redundancy. Contracts.

External Auditing Services.

Accounting Advice, labor and taxes.

Quality Management and Control. Standardization.

Development and Innovation. Systems.

Managing and Logistics Services for Goods Transport.

Purchasing and Contracts Managing. Distribution Networks Development.

Warehouses and Stocks Managing.

Operation Centralization and Decentralization.

Bidding and tendering.

Plant Expansion and Reduction.

Advertising. Development and management of brands and franchises.

Servicios - Ronin Consultant S.A.Health, Safety and Environment

Servicios en Defensa y seguridad - Ronin Consultant S.A.

Corporate confidentiality and security plans.

Intelligence and confidentiality.

Custody and protection.

Security Systems Development.

Prevention and Contingency Plans.

Security service.

Cleaning service.


Waste Management.

Suitability for emergencies. Evacuation. Fire certification.

Servicios - Ronin Consultant S.A.Specific Services

Servicios Específicos - Ronin Consultant S.A.

The details listed above are just a review. Specific needs require specific services. Not yet satisfied with this, we at Ronin also elaborate custom-made solutions for you. We are at your disposal to visit your company, elaborate a diagnosis and show you our proposal.

You decide. Give it a try.